In the branches under the field of chemical technology, education is given in order to gain the necessary professional qualifications in line with the needs of the sector and scientific technological developments.

The field of chemical technology is closely related to sectors such as health and food, as well as all sectors where industrial production is made. There are units related to chemical technology in all areas of refinery, petrochemistry, rubber, cement, paint, detergent, cosmetics, textiles and pharmaceuticals. Chemical technology also occupies a large place in the ceramic, glass, automotive, metal, mining, energy and agricultural sectors. Almost all industrial enterprises have a relationship with chemical technology in their production and quality control units. The field of chemical technology, which includes the creation of necessary technologies, has an important role in the development of countries.

There are developments in the field of chemical technology in our country. As in all sectors, the technology used in the chemical industry has advanced and research and development studies have increased. Therefore, new products are created in sectors related to the field of chemical technology and technological methods are developed for their production. For this reason, chemistry is the pioneer of other sectors. A country whose chemical industry is not developed is unlikely to progress in other fields.

01. Other branches of this field
02. Education and Career Opportunities

Those who are successful in the “Higher Education Entrance Examination” can continue to undergraduate programs or related departments of vocational schools. There are also associate degree programs that can be placed without an exam.