It is the field where education and training is provided for the maintenance, repair, programming and basically manufacturing of machines that make automatic production in the industry, and to gain the competency of performing hardware and software operations for the measurement, monitoring and control of production by using the network structures of automation systems.

Industrial automation; It is widely used in all areas of robotics. Today, technology has become a necessity, even a necessity. It covers topics such as product design, system dynamics and intelligent control, monitoring, modeling and control of production processes, force electronics, microsystem design and applications, industrial control design, sensors and robot systems, image processing, inter-system communication networks, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. It is one of the most important professions for the defense industry, automotive and textile sectors.

01. Other branches of this field
02. Education and Career Opportunities

Those who are successful in the “Higher Education Entrance Examination” can continue to undergraduate programs or related departments of vocational schools. There are also associate degree programs that can be placed without an exam.