Machine Technology field; Performing machine manufacturing operations on classical and computer-controlled production benches, molding techniques, sheet metal molds, volume molds and work molds, two and three-dimensional drawings of machines and mechanisms, basic maintenance and repair of machines, manufacturing operations on marble cutting and processing benches It is the field where education and training are given to gain the competencies of modeling and prototypes for production in accordance with the industrial casting and molding technique.


  • People’s living standards are increasing in parallel with technological developments. It is observed that human life becomes easier in countries that closely follow and implement technological developments. Making life easier also allows people to devote more time to themselves and their surroundings.
  • The field of Machine Technology forms the basis of economic development. It appeals to every sector engaged in design and production. Developing technology and production techniques have increased the importance of the machine in design and production. It is the locomotive of the economy with its income and added value.
  • Employment opportunities in the field are quite diverse. The need for qualified personnel in the sector in the world and in our country is high. Therefore, there is no problem of employment. Income levels of those working in the field are good by country standards.
01. Other branches of this field
02. Education and Career Opportunities

Those who are successful in the “Higher Education Entrance Examination” can continue to undergraduate programs or related departments of vocational schools. There are also associate degree programs that can be placed without examination.

Professional staff, who complete their education and gain the necessary qualifications in business life, can pursue a career in machinery technology-related businesses.

Employees in these professions can work in factories, in their own workshops, in public institutions and organizations. They produce in cooperation and harmony with the employees in the enterprises they are in.

They design the machine equipment to be manufactured in two and three dimensions in the computer environment in the design offices.

They manufacture the designed machinery or industrial plant equipment on CNC benches in manufacturing workshops.

Persons trained in the field of Machinery Technology can work in public or private sector enterprises (automotive, ship, aircraft, industrial facilities) as well as open their own workplaces.

They can find jobs in CNC mechanical manufacturing workshops, workshops that make molds and prototypes, offices where manufacturing and complete pictures are designed and drawn, mechanical maintenance workshops, and businesses that manufacture marble and models.